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The Core Message About your Brand

The Core Message About your Brand

In this age of advanced technology, social media networks and various forms of reaching your audience, the core message about your brand has to be clear across all medium. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your business has competitions all over. What sets you apart is the impression and recalling message of your brand in your prospect’s mind.

Still confused!? Let’s break it down alittle..

Marketing is like dating (you weren’t expecting that, were you!). Walking into a tavern, you see gorgeous, date-able people. You don’t throw pickup lines to each one of them. Reason – these people are most likely used to this and write you off as “plaintive”. The goal is to draw them to you and the best way is by being inviting and not looking like you are in a madcap mission to get something. Your honest and trustworthiness attracts them, because you seem like you can enhance their life with your happiness.

The same goes for your message about your brand. If your marketing doesn’t earn trust and isn’t honest, then you lose. That one message may need to be translated differently across different lines of business or different customers, but at the end of the day, those messages should all ladder up to a single value your company provides.


What makes your message powerful? Use this four-point litmus test to make sure your core message will work.

Your core message needs to have an emotional and rational side. You need to connect to people’s hearts and minds. Make no mistake, people are driven by both. A simple idea like “Volvo makes cars that are safe” resonates on both levels.

It needs to be believable. I could tell you: “Adam will be the first man to learn to fly.” But wish me luck convincing you of that.

Your core message needs to be relevant to a group of potential customers. If there’s no market opportunity, that’s not a good place to be. I might own the only lemonade stand on Mars – a great positioning opportunity but not if there are no thirsty Martians to drink my lemonade.

Your core message needs to be simple. Period. If people can’t understand, remember or repeat one thing, it’s too complicated. if it’s too complicated, it won’t find a home in your prospect’s mind. And remember: That’s where your brand lives.

So next time you meet your potential audience, create a unique personal connection through your brand message that gains success.

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